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Mary Angel Regalado Video Download Links Spreads on Social Media
1:27 AM Vic Patnugot 3 mary angel regalado video download link
A certain Mary Angel Regalado is now the talk of the town on Philippine social media as her name was dropped in a leaked conversation screenshot. The said convo is allegedly between two lovers, a married man and a young freelance model.

Judging by the leaked conversation, the knows that the man she’s having an affair with is married and that they are deliberately hiding their relationship from the legal wife of the man.

Mary Angel Regalado video download link,

But apparently, they did not do well in keeping their affair hush hush as the wife ultimately found her way into her husband’s phone where she discovered a steamy adulterous conversation between him and his other women. Yup, that’s plural. Apparently, he appears to be having an affair with multiple women.

What caught special attention of the wife is the conversation her husband has with Mary Angel because somewhere in the thread she found actual videos of the two getting jiggy with it.

According to refutable social pages, whose businesses is to capitalize on such content online, it was the legal wife herself who, in her fury upon learning of the ill kept secret of her husband, leaked the conversation along with the video or videos.

Although much of the general netizen population are gullible who sadly believes anything they are told by the so-called social media influencers without questions, there are still who questions the legitimacy of stories, raising questions like ‘is this for real?’ or ‘legit ba yan?’

Now, we here in Pinoy News Blogger has a long history of efficiently analyzing such contents on the internet because we have our own resident expert on popular videos, appropriate or otherwise.

According to our expert, the said footage is being passed around through ‘pabulong’ system, a communication system developed by anonymous members of the public to convey a specific type of video clips through private messaging or ‘PM’.

“Bale magko-comment ka lang “Pabulong boss” or “Pabulong master” sa thread kung saan nakapost yung preview screenshots nung larawan ng subject – in this case si Mary Angel nga, tapos ayun, i-memessage na nila sayo yung video or link”, our expert explained to us.
“Pero marami dyan mga mema lang, mga taong kinulang sa paga-aruga ng nanay nung maliit pa sila, at kapag hiningan mo ng link, wala namang maibigay. Kabanas ampota!”, our expert added.

The pabulong system can be described as efficient to some degree in terms of spreading risky content but our expert in popular videos, appropriate or otherwise warns us of bad people who will not hesitate to use your thirst against you.

“Medyo ingat din po tayo sa pag-click ng link sa mga private messages kasi marami po dyan ay direkta sa mga website na may mga virus na maaaring maging dahilan ng pagkasira ng phone nyo or worse maaring maging dahilan din para mabiktima kayo ng identity theft at magamit ang inyong social media account para magpost o magpakalat ng mga malisyosong links. Pag nangyari yun, malalalaman pa ng mga asawa, anak, kaibigan, kamag-anak at ka-church nyo na meron kayong taglay na kababuyan, este, pagiging curious pala. Yun lang po. Balik sayo, Mike.”, our expert warns us.
Anyway, the story seems legit and makes sense according to our resident expert. Also, the video is clear enough to recognize the face of the woman and is identifiable with the photos posted in social media profile page of Regalado, the freelance model who fell in-love with a man and his capability to provide an iPhone X.

Our expert also managed to find two videos of Regalado; the one with the background music where the subject is repeatedly taking whatever the man is giving her while her back is turned; and the second one in which she just lies there on her back doing dismal effort of faking how she enjoys it.

Anyway, again, we know that you are smart enough to know that we can’t just put up here the actual clip we are talking about as it is against the laws of the land. But fret not my friends for you can still see the elusive Mary Angel Regalado video download link if you would just look it up on any search engines including those search boxes you find on your favorite black and yellow themed website.

Janella Ooi Scandal Viral Singaporean Bunnyjanjan Sex Videos Leaked

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Janella Ooi Scandal And Other Singaporean Influencers

All those Chio Bu girls are ex-girlfriends of Joal Ong, the guy in all of the new Singaporean leak scandal. I remember someone comparing Joal Ong sex videos to Edison Chen scandal. Anyway, those girls are all beautiful Asian teen with celebrity-like status or what they call in Singapore as influencers. These girls uphold a good girl image but now we are lucky to see them behave like their true kinky naughty self. Although Janella Ooi seems shy, modest and submissive even when filming homemade sex. Moreover, it appears Joal Ong enjoys gagging, using a blindfold and chains on submissive Chio Bu like Christabel Chua, Xuen Yen, and rough sex with Abbey Tan.

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Something controversial about Bunnyjanjan is that she never show her nipples. There are like 52 leaked sex videos of her and none of them show her nipples. However, her left nipple slightly slipped on her sex video tagged as part 1. Her areolas look reddish and huge which suggests that maybe she is not comfortable about them.

Furthermore, the set of sex videos of her full mega compilation set has no watermark and high quality!

Just imagine a picture  of probably how Janella Ooi Bunnyjanjan’s nipples look like.

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Meanwhile, you can check news about Christabel Chua Scandal Bellywellyjelly Sex Video Complete Leaked Nude

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Bellywellyjelly Scandal Christabel Chua Sex Videos Viral Issue

If you read the title and are kinda guessing if It’s about what you think it’s about, then you are right #youknowIknow.

I think this is like the hottest/most talked about topic among the millenial/ Gen z population in Sg right now no doubt. I know for a fact there’s a ton of talk circulating around in daily conversations, whatsapp and shit about this Christabel Chua scandal.

At first when I found out about it I felt that the girls were stupid. (I find alot of people stupid one la) Ok when I first found out it was only bellywellyjelly scandal. And it was just a few files. And then few days later I was told there were more girls. And that theres a fucking 27gb folder worth of nudes circulating around.

So what about other Singaporean influencer like Bunnyjanjan Janella Ooi scandal Abymonsta Abbey Tan scandal and Malaysian Xuen Yen scandal who are all Joal Ong’s ex-girlfriends? Are they going to join the fight too?

I’m not going to sit here and act like I never saw any of the clips. I did. And one thing I wana talk about is the mother fucker who filmed it.

This douchebag named Joal Ong. He seems like the very possible culprit who leaked all of these nudes. I’m saying very possible because there is no official proof but aiya it’s obvious enough right… Don’t tell me he lost his phone and someone hacked and released… I don’t really believe.

So after seeing the clips, it seems like all 3 (bellywellyjelly, bunnyjanjan, abymonsta) or 4? (xuenyenyenyen) of them fucked this Joal Ong. Ok this part I need to calm down because I might get shallow and superficial lol. First thing I thought of is

WTF, He handsome meh?!!!

Wah yall damn fast sia some of yall morning 9am camp post already 😂

K wait limbu walk dog first they need to pangsai brb yo

K mamas back. Lai time to talk bad about strangers on the internet 😈

I don’t really follow these influencers(that kena leak), i only heard of belly, the other 3 I never heard/seen before in my life untill this scandal came about. And when I heard that this guy Joal Ong was a very very likely fucker who released everything, I went to google about him and BWJ cos I kaypoh la, I wana know who is this fella.

I came across their youtube vid on smartlocal for valentines day or something. So i clicked it and watch. and omg I wish I could document my reaction here to show everyone lol I think my face was literally >> 😳😑😑😑😑😑 when she said “when i first saw him I thought he was cute”

Ok, fine ok, to each his own.. I can’t say much cos I’m an SPG I like white guys. Not racist or finding whites more superior to us or anything, but it’s just that my personality is really loud and mad so alot of local guys are intimidated and turned off by that. (that’s a topic for another day)

So usually only angmohs don’t mind & love my big loud personality and find me funny la. (Which i fucking am pls thanks bye🤪🤪🤪🤪) so not say i racist hor. My chinese boy crushes all never loved me back😭

Not forgetting I’m also fat la so I’m like twice the size of an average Singaporean male lol. But I just find most ( i never say all hor) Singaporean guys are er… not very blessed in the looks department.. (lol cue the hate) I mean of course there are goodlooking guys around, but I just feel that there are so many pretty and adorable girls in SG but I just can’t say the same for the men. Like the ratio of chio girls to good looking guys is like 4: 1.
Ok before I continue I just wana say looks are just looks and it is very subjective ok. Alot of people like g-dragon but I don’t find him hot or anything, I don’t fancy k-culture and k-pop and k-boys. I find I am more manly than the average male k-pop star and I also wear less makeup on an average day basis compared to them 😂😂😂. What’s handsome to you can be fucking ugly to me and what’s handsome to me might look like my dog’s asshole to you.

And just because i find local guys not as good looking as local girls doesn’t mean I hate them k. I love my singaporean male friends I just went on a 5 day skiing trip with my guy friend AND my bf to niseko so yall cannot say i hater ah. I say people not handsome doesn’t mean they’re not good. I also ugly but my heart is BEAUTIFUL 😂😂😂😂😂😂 so i #saypeoplesaymyself first k

But I am just talking about this because I’m on the topic of this guy fucking these influencers and since I can’t sing praises of your AWESOME personality (you fucking leaked nudes of 3/4 girls and ruined their lives) nor your BEAUTIFUL BEDROOM, that leaves me with either talking about your babi nose or your face or your small lanjiao. And today I pick your 脸. Cos you 不要脸 hor boy???

Ok first, this guy bagged 3 influencers.. I don’t know how he does it because I don’t think he is hot nor handsome. And I have seen the clips and he’s not exactly well endowed or good in bed. (Plus he doesn’t shave #bye.) and seems like he is into a bit of kink he like to tie the girls with his stupid tie.. better not be from some
CCA club during sec school days lol.

And also his bedroom is damn ugly sorry but if u wna bring back girl and fuck can at least make the room more fuck-able in???

So I don’t know why these girls go and fuck him (more than once) cos I think they can do better. He also not say fuck damn well. This is my view ok, my view ah.. If you find him hot and your down there tam tam for him then good for you. But for me my down there will shrivel.

So ok, nevermind, he got to fuck them. good for him. Then he documents it all on video, ok fine, if that’s what you are into. But then you go and fucking release it?? Revenge porn is damn shallow, I can’t even. It’s so damn damaging to the girls, and especially in this case where they are influencers and their life/income/living is very heavily reliant on social media. They use social media to earn an income and now, that very same platform has come around to bite them back in the ass.

I’m not really sure how the brands that are working with them are going to take it. Although we are very westernised, Singapore is still very much conservative when it comes to things like these. I’m sure they won’t rise to fame and millions like how KimK did with her sex tape. I just hope that some of their sponsors/brands are open minded and mature enough to not drop them because of this whole drama.

Like i mentioned earlier I initially found them stupid, cos this guy is some young punk, how can you trust this douche with your nudes, especially so when your life will turn upside down if they’re leaked cos u influencer

Like I will never send a random/fling my nudes cos who knows wtf hes gonna do with it? Like when guys send us unsolicited dick pics the first thing my friends and i do is screenshot send each other and laugh like fuck. Then we analyze the kukujiao and laugh more #whoaskyousend

Eh come on it’s 2018, let a girl fuck in peace… Nothing wrong with having sex can… these girls are all of age. I mean, granted , their choice of sex partner is hmm🤔🤔🤔🤔 rather questionable but other than that, how are they different from any of us?

You don’t fuck? I don’t fuck? The shit people are saying on the hardwarezone forum is disgusting, I swear all the losers hang out on there.

Remember I said (some) Singaporean guys are not goodlooking? You can go hardwarezone and find all the stupid socially awkward perverts and losers on there. The filth coming out of their mouth I really damn curious how they are like. I envision them to be oily smelly socially awkward motherfuckers who can’t approach, hold a decent convo with a chic. The only form of sex they get is from their hands through DIY pleasure. Coz no one wna bang your lame gross ass #bye

👮🏻‍♂️Police catch u 👮🏻‍♂️

This Joal ang the brain in the balls i think. Like what are you expecting, that you get away scot free after releasing all these nudes?? Your face is inside, even if it’s not, it’s so easy to track down who took/released it. And Sg has such strict laws about pornography and the distribution. And the fact that so many people have seen it, it’s going to play a big part in what’s going to happen to him. I’m sure all of the girls have made a police report and investigations are on-going.

Joal has already wiped his social media and digital prescence off the face of the earth. Last i heard he deleted his Ig and facebook and twitter. Good for you, practice living without social media, Jail got no free wifi for you k bitch

I saw a few articles about people getting jailed because of leaking their exes nudes. Good for them, I hope this joal gets his ass thrown to jail too (if he really did release it)

This guy got jailed a month for leaking nudes of his ex on tumblr

And this one 10 weeks for threat

I really can’t imagine what the girls are feeling. the other 3 have also deleted their social media. BWJ is the only one fighting head strong against everything now and I feel so bad for her. I wish I could talk to her lol I just wanna encourage her and tell her to ignore all this shit.

I know it’s easier said than done but what’s done has been done, you can’t make people unsee, you can’t make people stop talking. It was just unfortunate that you met a douche who did this to you.

Heard BWJ isnt replying to messages even from close friends and my heart goes out to her. I wish she was a friend of mine so I can just barge into her house and offer some comfort. Must be fucking hell waking up everyday. Think she should consider seeking professional help on this cos I’m sure it’s affecting her.

Also it’d be interesting to see how Sg reacts to things like these. Really hope brands don’t drop them la. Oh ya , fucking chinese newspaper published an article on it?

This wanbao damn fking big mouth sia. Got screenshot somemore?? These chinese news all damn kpo everything wna say one really

It reminded me of how last time i compiled a list of stupid shit people write on Singapore police force’s wall then it got quite a bit of attention. Then all these media outlets started reposting and covering it also

And then this person from channel 8 chinese news inboxed me asking for interview. Like this also wna interview? Lol i just comment sarcastic replies to the lame posts and compile onli sister interview what siol

Actually I declined because I didnt want my words to be twisted, which I sure know they will be. What i say will be dissected and misinterpreted and I didnt want that la..

So i just sent back the person this pic 😂😂😂😂😂

AND I already SAY WA MAI THEY STILL GO PUBLISH HOR. the link is below if u wna read it.

And if ure wondering wassap with my name it was in chinese k. Cos your friend over here dating guy with psychotic ex so must under radar with the chingchong name #nowyouknow

Ok, abit contradicting myself here cos I’m blogging about it and talking smack on wanbao publicising it. But lol i how many followers only nia.. And the people who might read my post, I’m sure you all are mature about it and not going to leave stupid comments on the girls page mocking their predicament.

Can’t say the same for the uncles and aunties that will read the papers and feel she is a hoe, she is a disgrace etc. auntie uncle 2018 liao loh newsflash no one waits till 40 years old to lose their virginity now go back into your house and continue gossip about your neighbours cat’s father’s potato’s sister. These are the same type of aunties and uncles that will ask you at cny “when getting married” “wah no bf ah” and also compare O level marks between you and their son

“Wah 24 points ah my ah boy 8 points he going jc, we next week going europe”

mm k stfu i #lowSES low education everything low only blood pressure high

Ok some dayreans have alerted me about Joal being hacked.. I don’t know if that’s true or not la.. Grabbed this off XX’s twitter.. Apparently Joal reported about copyright infrigement on some of the tumblr sites that were circulating the files..

Was reading this and went to research about DMCA cos i don’t know nuts about it… So from what i’ve been reading, apparently it’s a digital copyright protection act and you can ‘apply’ for a form online. It’s easier to apply than an actual lawsuit/ lawyers letter/ or writ of summons so I guess this was why this act was in place, seeing as there are tons of copyright infringement cases all over the digitalsphere. Torrent, stelaing content and what not.

Then i read that it’s a US law.. So that doesn’t apply in Singapore. Cos I mean you don’t use Sg law to go and throw in the face of Americans right?

Like you don’t go to california and paotoh someone to the police for chewing gum, or having gay sex (both of which are illegal and banned in Sg) so for him to be claiming this also abit funny la like no kick right you using a non sg applicable law

So i read up more about it… Here’s a screenshot that’s worth reading.. basically explains how easy it is to apply for a DMCA takedown and anyone can do it. So that just holds no weightage la. I mean this is already a big saga and if the nudes were unlawfully accessed then a police report has been made, and I’m sure you can get some sort of notice from them which holds more weight when requesting the takedown of sites

From xx’s twitter read the first one can liao. I’m not very sure about this cos I’m not trained in law but it’s a fair point for consideration.

And also the fact that joal has wiped off his digital presence also abit suspicious right?? BWJ is still on everything and shes the biggest victim cos everyones talking about her… if you really got hacked by someone and thats how the nudes surfaced then shouldnt you issue a statement to clear the air

Cos people are talking so much smack about you now, including me lol 🤪 if you really didnt do it then you should stand up for yourself and iron out the misunderstandings la.

And don’t get me wrong k I’m not saying he die die did leak it. I’m just at this point of time unconvinced. But if it’s really leaked by some guy then that person deserves the dire consequences. Wah sg police give us some update lei we kaypo

And also one thing.. If it’s really hacked and distributed by some repair guy or 3rd party that accessed his phone/laptop I also wanna reiterate the point of being wise about the content in your belongings…

Similar to how your boss will f you if you lose a company laptop with alot of data/client info/works/sensitive & private documents, you also gona get F if you don’t protect your sex tapes.. you not only get F your ex’s life also kena F upside down. This point alone is the reason why I don’t do nudes sia.. the most you get a pic of me in my new bra lol nipple also i wont show hehe fk off lol goodnight

Like if If I had sex tapes with me and my bf in my laptop and and I was gona send my mac in for repair, i’ll die die transfer everything to a thumbdrive/google drive/icloud and then DELETE and WIPE OUT everything and then check 10 times and keep this thumbdrive shoved in my sai kang or somewhere equally as safe and snug lol

or if it’s on online storage services liek google drive then upload , delete your desktop files and log out and make sure you really log out. I mean this one also abit common sense what no meh?? I send my mac in to repair I already damn scared they laugh at my selfie i can’t imagine if they laugh at my cb sia i’ll cry 😂

Speaking of influencers and scandals…


This tristan thompson is a nabei cb. Your gf gonna give birth already you still cheat??? What an awesome way to welcome your child into the world. Seriously you can’t just keep your dick in your pants for awhile later??

And why kardashians like to have kids out of wedlock one sia.. nothing against that ah but just that they like to get pregnant like it’s a game sia…

Kourtney and scott have dunno how many kids and now they broken up… then this kylie also diao kia with the ugly bf.. then khloe also with this douchebag that cheated on her one day before she gave birth -_- and not forgetting rob with blac chyna lol.

Pity the kids… they’re already gonna have a difficult life growing up under the scrutiny of the media and paparazzi… they can’t have a normal childhood now they can’t even have a complete mom & dad family

And the funny thing is i think it’s all planned? Like I’m sure the kardashians are on birth control for skin or hormonal or vagina related probz. It’s easy to get it in america anw it’s like asking doctor to give you m&ms lol

April 14th update: on slut shaming

LOL i thought this post finish already but no!

So some other dayrean also shared her thoughts about this whole leaked nudes drama.. and I’m all for sharing and hearing other people’s perspective, one thing I really love about dayre is that it’s such a tightly knitted community where you can just stumble on a random persons posts and just comment and it doesn’t feel weird or anything.. But when i read what this person shared my eyes just rolled to the back of my head..

When I was writing this influencer drama shit I didnt expect so many people to read this.. I’ve always used this platform like a journal like it’s really no filter , straight up thoughts from my head.. that explains the grammatical errors and spelling and awkward sentence structures with the excessive vulgarity and singlish k… But I think that if you want to share thoughts about a scandal where there are ‘victims’ in the situation, you have to be aware and also conscious about what you say

cos afterall it’s the internet right?? I mean you are writing about a damn sian situation that the girls have gotten into and are battling. I mean I’m all for freespeech and all that but one thing i fucking hate is slut shaming. Especially when it comes to girls.

These girls are already going through hell, and I don’t want to mention this but I’m sure there are a lot of guys out there objectifying and shaming them. I’ve already seen disgusting comments on a tagged pic of BWJ on instagram and it’s just damn low la please. You wana watch the vids,k, you watch. but stfu and don’t you dare comment on her, o or what she likes in bed cos who the fuck are you sia? You just chose an easy victim to degrade just cos she’s the suey party that got her nudes leaked.

Why don’t you film yourself having sex and then get it leaked and let us see and we can comment on you and your sexual preferences? How wld that feel for a change…

First off, I think most of us can agree that Singapore is still rather conservative. Although I’d say that the younger generation is more open-minded and westernised, we are still battling issues like LGBT rights, conservative parents not liking their kids to date out of their own race, things like that.

We (millennials) are all super tech-savvy and very exposed to american pop culture, we see so many scandals and sex tapes from celebrities in hollywood and shit like that and we are so desensitized to it already. Personally how you view it is your own taiji ok, whether you are a staunch religionist that is totally against premarital sex, or you are at the opposite end of the spectrum and you love gangbangs, that’s your choice #youdoyou

But I don’t think it’s fair to shame these influencers just because they have a different sex life than yours. How they portray themselves on social media is their own damn choice. And also, how someone is on social media is not a true reflection of them in reality that one is #fact bro.

I mean, do you upload an ugly ass selfie? Or do you upload a one that you look damn chio in. Do you upload a fat OOTD of yourself, or you get some help from meitu and filters? You rather upload your sloppy messy ugly currypng dinner, or your steak and champagne at an atas restaurant?

These influencers rely on pretty selfies, stylo ootds, picturesque vacation views and things like that to upkeep their following and likes. That’s the industry and nature of the line that they’re in. They can’t generate income from ugly boring content what. Coz who the f want to follow influencer with fugly pictures? Unless the influencer is as funny as me 😜😜😜😜🤪🤪🤪😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

The issue I have with that this person has written is basically entitlement. Just because you are following someone famous on ig, that person doesn’t have to live to your expectations/liking of them ok. So what if BWJ never worn revealing clothing and so what if she chooses to? You from where sia? Syria ah? As long she is happy and it’s not revealing to the point of obscenity then why should regular folk like you or I care?

Like i love kendall jenner and i think shes damn bloody hot and pretty and when news broke that she was dating A$AP rocky i also pua stun cos i think he damn ugly. And this is just my view which i kept to myself.

Kendall also work hard to maintain her image and career but “WHO KNEW SHE ACTUALLY LIKE THIS(ugli boi) LOL” I never go and comment or tag dayrebeauty to agree w me cos whatever this celeb wna do her taiji what. She find him handsome can already don’t need care about my opinion

and what on earth do you mean “lied to”? Just because you view her as a sweet adorable girl on IG and then you caught a glimpse of her sex life and you can’t agree with that then you say she lie to you ah?

Hello please… If I follow Michelle Obama on instagram and she always look sharp and smart with her political/human rights type of post.. You think what? She never kinky kinky and fuck Barack ah ? Malia and Sasha obama come from where sia Putin make them in a lab from outerspace then deliver to America in a UFO ah?

Just because you see someone famous in a certain way doesn’t mean you know the true them. And why should you? For the more famous people out there there’s always the private life and the life you portray on the internet. Private matters like your relationship, your income, your sex life , you wana share, share, but other people shouldnt talk shit about it in a degrading fashion.

Come on la 2018 already leh you think just because someone wear long sleeve and go to church means this person virgin? If you are against pre-marital sex cool good for you but please don’t impose this on others who do like and enjoy sex cos theres nothing wrong with that. It’s not like shes fucking her son. She fuck her bf whats the big hooha about that

And so what if shes into all that r21 kinky shit. Shiok what. You like robot sex good for you la. You watch/read 50 shades of grey right? You got see how the guy spank anastasia untill you feel like you want to call police cos he whack her ass so fking hard? Then why you never write and complain. that one also kinky what. People like BDSM let them like la.. never tie you to their bed also right

And the most ironic part is that this person hopes that there isnt a stigma attached to sex, but then she writes about how she feels she’s lied to cos BWJ is into a bit of kink but goes to church, and how guys won’t respect her after this

Firstly, if you are reading this, I apologize if I come accross as harsh. But your post has evoked some fury in me and my skin is damn thick so I wana talk about what you have written.

It’s just very contradicting what this person has said about hoping there isnt much of a stigmatization around sex in Sg but then just in the line above she says about how guys won’t respect her and won’t wanna mary her (from my view this seems like the implication here)

Firstly ah, what BWJ has done is damn fucking normal I can tell you now. She’s not the first person who has done things like that, and she’s not going to be the last. Just because Singaporean videos are not as popular as angmoh ones on pornhub, doesn’t mean singaporeans don’t have sex. NEWSFLASH People do spice up their sex life with toys, BDSM, kink, threesomes, foursomes, gang bang, i don’t know what else k.

All she did was have sex with her boyfriend. A very healthy and natural thing for couples to be doing. The only fucked up gaping hole here is that she got leaked. You think she want everyone to see these videos one meh?? Why are you punishing and slamming someone for doing something so organic in life??

We are all girls, shouldn’t we try to be nice to each other and dominate and conquer the world in our louboutins and share about sephora sale grab promo codes and things like that instead of talking smack about what we like in bed?

On shotgun marriages

When i saw this naomi shotgun marriage thing i also very triggered

Another thing people need to stop shaming is shotgun marriages and pregnancies. Frankly I don’t even care for naomi neo but when there was talk about her getting married and then rumours about her pregnancy, i went to kaypoh abit and I saw so many fucked up comments. Lol this is why Kylie jenner MIA-ed during her pregnancy ok because of all these stupid detrimental lame ass comments and this is the last thing a pregnant mum needs

Naomi neo i think she entered the scene from a damn young age… and fuck her life cos alot of her fans are damn young like xiaomeimei xiaodidi duno whether do PSLE yet or not even and these KIDS of cos most of their reaction can’t be mature la.. But it’s not like the mean comments are only coming from the young kids, the older ones also have nothing nice to say. When I went to kaypoh I saw one person even tagging her mum?? I can’t even believe… If I’m naomi’s mum i’ll confirm kisiao like how

dare you talk shit about my kid. Gan gan tag me somemore? And your profile is anonymous

In naomi’s defense she got preggo and the wedding was rushed cos her ahgong passed away.. So with this chinese superstition/culture/tradition i don’t know what to call it, she had to get married within 100 days or she would have to wait 5 years (something like that, not sure how many years exactly) so that’s why the wedding was pretty speedy.

But I don’t understand why people talking soooo shit about her. omg get over it someone got pregnant.. big deal.. She’s not 12 shes in her 20s. She’s rich, she got the means to support a kid, and the guy is taking full responsibility so good for her what? I wish I can have a kid at my age now but my bank balance is a damn joke lol I can only afford mcspicy not mamypoko pants. Heng i going sgbudgetbabe’s investment talk hopefully i can become milionaire #HUATAH 🎉

If she got pregnant then she abort also people will say she evil witch, she keep the kid then people also say shit about her. I applaud her bravery though, like I’m sure it’s damn difficult to be in the spotlight and do this and have people talking shit. I’m glad she decided to keep the baby instead of aborting it and I’m also glad for her that the husband is taking initiative. Why can’t people be happy for her sia..

omg today the whole day i defending influencers what the…. BWJ and naomi neo if yall ever read this better blanja me one martell dua pao lol i scold people for yall lei 🤪

Last Battleground : Survival Speed Hack 1.7.0 Updated Cheat No Root

I don’t like cheating myself but let’s admit it, Last Battleground : Survival has become a paradise for cheaters. The number of hackers grow each day and admins of the game are helpless about it. They don’t want to ban players because they cannot afford to lose more from their already miniscule pool of active players. But then, they are also way behind in terms of the capability of suppressing cheats/hacks. I know it is kinda frustrating to play the game fairly and honestly just to see 3 to 4 hackers moving around like demi-gods. The truth is, cheats were already around a month after the game was released. In fact, other similar games like Rule of Survival and Knives Out also have to deal with cheaters constantly.  But compared to Last Battleground : Survival, they at least accomplish something significant against cheaters.  I am not saying the admins are not doing something about it, they said they do but I think we players can all agree that we don’t see, feel or sense any form of result. A game is supposed to be fun, but dealing with Hackers is just so frustrating. I like this game because of its unique features from other similar PUBG style games. So just moving to another game won’t just cut.  What I don’t like is they keep on giving us updates about things we don’t bat shit care about but they are unable to address issues that affects the very core of their game. They cannot do something about cheaters.

Did you know? The first ones to cheat are Chinese players? I feel like they are intentionally allowing cheats so their noob asses can cheat or they can impress their friends by sharing it with them. Now we don’t see that much Chinese on a killing spree because they are not the only ones who can cheat.

Last Battleground : Survival Cheat No Root Needed

We love this game but we hate how cheating is being handled. But maybe, if a lot players are cheating, the admins of this game will finally come up with an effective anti-cheat system. I will keep on looking for cheats/hacks for as long as they exist and if the developers of the game finally succeed on blocking hackers/cheaters for good, then great! The only reason why I have cheat is because it exists and a lot of cheaters are already ruining the game. Even before using cheat, I’ve been killing a lot of players but when hacks became rampant, these mofo cheaters are stealing kills from me-which I hate the most (NEXT TO CHINESE HACKERS).

The only way a cheat becomes fair is if everyone has an access to it. Those who does not want to cheat can easily make a choice. While those who want to cheat will have a fighting chance. So you want to run around like The Flash and shoot from the sky like a gunship?

Let me help you make the game EVEN, let me give you a fighting chance against cheaters. Just download the file through the link below

Download HERE

IMPORTANT NOTE : Please share this on Facebook. If this gets patched, I will update this hack depending on the number of shares and downloads. (Look at left side of the screen)

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Just a friendly reminder, even if you cheat I can still woop your ass.  So if someone is on an alarming killing spree, that’s probably me better watch out because I hate and I hunt cheaters.

Steps on installing

  1. Download the file from the link above ( You may download it from a desktop and transfer it on your phone or just download it directly using your gadget.)

2. Uninstall any existing Last Battleground : Survival  application

3. Open the .apk file and install on your gadget

4. Launch the game normally and start a battle

5. Activate cheat by kneeling

Cheat Features:

Here’s what to expect

  1. Speed hack
  2. No Recoil – No more shaking while shooting so all bullets will hit target while rapid firing.

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